Sacred Machine was born in 2021.

At Sacred Machine we teach challenging, creative, intelligent yoga and movement to people who want to thoroughly understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how they can leverage that movement for change.

We use creative and unexpected sequencing and a combination of various movement methods in order to create full immersion in the practice. By allowing ourselves to be fully present and engaged while moving our bodies, we are able to clear psychic and physical stressors and blocks. By focusing on nuance, we start to understand the tiny habits and patterns that not only make up our current experience, but have influenced us in the past. By integrating the intellectual, the physical, and the spiritual; we can then use that incorporated knowledge to create holistic shifts- on the mat, in our spiritual practices, and throughout our entire lives.

About Katie Lake

I originally came to yoga as a cross-training method to support and enhance my dancing but very quickly found that the benefits of the practice move far beyond the physical. 

I am most passionate about utilizing the practice of yoga to help others discover a sense of awareness, freedom, and joy in their bodies. My classes invite curiosity and encourage individual choice making, and my goal as a teacher is that you leave the practice feeling invigorated and more at ease than you started.  

I completed my 200 hour certification at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja California in 2016 and have been teaching in Boston and New York City for the last five years. I’m currently in the process of completing my 500 hour certification through Down Under School of Yoga in Cambridge, MA. 

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga you can find me dancing with little house dance, reading a book in the park, or spending time with foster dogs from the Animal Refuge League. I’m so grateful to be part of this growing community at Sacred Machine! Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! 

About Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan’s dual-careers as a yoga teacher and a massage therapist began with her training in ballet. While Emily was growing up on Cape Cod, her ballet teacher taught her how to express herself through movement. She excelled, and she was performing with Boston Ballet’s dance corps before graduating from high school. In college, she was inspired by the Buddhist principle of right livelihood. Emily first enrolled in a massage therapy program after teaching English in Africa and Europe. Her new career combined her earlier inclination toward physical movement with a deeper aspiration to help others. 

Emily studied bodywork with Tom Karis and meditation with Lama Konchok Sonam before opening her private massage therapy practice in 2010. Further studies in Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Thye Chow set the stage for a dedicated yoga practice. Being drawn to Astanga and Vinyasa Flow, Emily trained with Mimi Loureiro. As a result, Emily introduced yoga poses and short sequences to her clients as self care. To make yoga accessible for all her clients, she became certified by Renee LeVerrier to teach yoga to people living with Parkinsons and other mobility disorders. She is currently completing her 300-hour program at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Emily lives in East Somerville with her young daughter. They balance their busy lives with regular escapes to the beach.

About Kate Brigham

I’ve always loved to create and process through movement. A childhood of ballet classes and afternoons creating dances in my basement led me to Bates College, where I majored in Dance and Women’s Studies under the legendary Marcy Plavin. Post college I lived a lifelong dream: both leading my own modern dance company in Brooklyn and Cambridge; as well as dancing for and learning from many incredible artists. Yoga had always been a complementary practice to my dancing, and as time progressed, it became a more prominent aspect of my movement ritual.

In 2012 I was compelled to become certified as a 200 hour teacher with O2 Yoga in Cambridge, MA, under the watchful eye of the brilliant Mimi Loureiro. I further expanded my knowledge of alternative methods by receiving my certifications in Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Reiki II. In early 2021 I completed my 500 hour Yoga teacher certification through Arcana School of Yoga with the inspiring Jennie Joan Ferrare.

I have personally lived, and fervently believe in, the healing power of creatively sequenced movement. In times of joy and delight, the connection it creates between the intellectual and the emotional allow me to fully live in the present, and inspire innovation throughout all areas of my life. During my debilitating struggles with post-partum depression and anxiety, I explored release via expressive movement. I found solace and the capacity for self-compassion in those moments between breaths. I am a strong advocate of the power of mind-body integration, and the truly transformative powers that it holds.

About Leanne Hill

Yoga, to me, began as a physical challenge. As an athlete, I enjoyed the rewards of putting my body into pretty shapes and getting a different style of “workout” as I followed along with pre-recorded classes on DVDs taught by Rodney Yee. It wasn’t until many years later, after attending my first in-studio class, complete with meditation, pranayama and kirtan, that I realized how impactful a yoga practice could be far beneath the physical body. Yoga transitioned from being a part of my daily life to being my lifestyle. I received my 200 hour certification through Yandara Yoga Studio in Baja, Mexico in 2010 and am currently on the verge of becoming a 500 hour RYT through Arcana School of Yoga in Portland, Maine. I offer alignment focused, theme based classes with a natural progression and include vinyasa, yin, pranayama, meditation, and yoga nidra. My intention is to make this practice of yoga accessible for all bodies and minds with an understanding that the work continues even off the mat.

About Eliza Pierce

Eliza is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and spiritual seeker who weaves movement and sound to create experiences that awaken compassion and connection. Whether working with a group or individuals, children or the elderly, her dharma is to facilitate heart-centered connections to self, community, and Spirit through deep listening, sound healing and the re-awakening of wonder. Eliza is a mother, and a lover of nature, traveling, and learning. She has over 2000 hours of study in Yoga and Ayurveda including many rich learning experiences. She has been teaching 13 years and practicing for over 25 years, and considers yoga her "home base".